"I have a trade of my own. I suppose I am one of a few in the world. I'm a consulting producer. Here on the internet we have lots of corporate producers and lots of amateur ones. When these fellows are too expensive or too shoddy they come to me. They lay all the tracks before me, and I am generally able, by the help of my knowledge and neuroticism, to make something shiny."

Not Sherlock Holmes

Consulting producer.

Give me your video and audio files and I will make them better. I will also get them ready for upload or syndication. Turnaround within 48 hours of order.

Email Me

Upload your raw media files.

Easy media uploading with a custom-built, private file uploader backed by Amazon S3 so there's no need to have large files taking up space in your Dropbox or Google Drive*.

* Sending me links to Dropbox or gDrive files is totes fine though.

Then the magic happens.

I will edit your files according to your instructions and make them as shiny as possible. I will consult with you on the edit and provide feedback. I can gladly consult on microphone placement and general technique.


Based on the length of the source files and the amount of editing required. I will find a price that works for you.


About Me

I'm Dr. Wicked, aka Jeff. I invent things whilst procrastinating. Write or Die, wordWar, EditMinion, all while avoiding writing. Turns out I'm better at editing.