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Give me your video and audio files and I will make them better. I will also get them ready for upload or syndication. Turnaround within 48 hours of order.

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Upload your raw media files.

Easy media uploading with a custom-built, private file uploader backed by Amazon S3 so there's no need to have large files taking up space in your Dropbox or Google Drive*.

* Sending me links to Dropbox or gDrive files is totes fine though.

Then the magic happens.

I will edit your files according to your instructions and make them as shiny as possible. I will consult with you on the edit and provide feedback. I can gladly consult on microphone placement and general technique.


Based on the length of the source files and the amount of editing required. I will find a price that works for you.

About Me

I'm Dr. Wicked, aka Jeff. I invent things whilst procrastinating. Write or Die, wordWar, EditMinion, all while avoiding writing. Turns out I'm better at editing.